On turning 43: Welcome to Exile

by Jillian Bogater (Exile From Hysteria)


Tonight I officially welcomed exile.

I marked the occasion with a small birthday cake bearing the image of an angry uterus. In a few short days, a hysterectomy will remove mine.

Somehow turning 43 was more of a milestone than I expected.

Some would say I’m starting out this new year on a bad foot. That getting a hysterectomy seven days in is just terrible form.

I disagree.

The last two months have been beyond enlightening. I’ve had tough discussions about babies with the man I love. Made gut-wrenching decisions about my future. Opened up to share my vulnerabilities with strangers. Allowed myself to accept help from friends.

Along the way, something funny happened.

I got stronger.

More than you’ll ever know.

So in a way, this hysterectomy, the twisting pain from the endometriosis, is all a blessing.

candlesWith this in mind, I thought hard about my birthday wish as Matt pushed candles in the cake.

I closed my eyes, reflected on the upcoming few days, and blew the candles out.

I’m pretty sure that wish will come true.