This is an updating list of websites and videos that I have found helpful. If there’s something you think should be on the list, please drop me a line.


Glossary of Terms

• Abdominal hysterectomy explained by the Mayo Clinic

• Frequently asked questions about endometriosis and hysterectomies, answered by The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

• Hysterectomy: Web MD

• VIDEO: The different types of hysterectomies

• VIDEO: Actress Stephanie St. James on endometriosis (First 10 minutes. This is really good.)


• Endometriosis Foundation of America

HysterSisters: Woman-to-Woman Hysterectomy Support

MisterHysterSisters: Help for the Family of the Hysterectomy Patient


Preparing for a hysterectomy

• Here’s a list of helpful things I brought to the hospital.

• Endo Happy: Surgery and recovery tips

Be sure to get one of these!

In the spotlight

Celebrities with endometriosis: “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi, “Dancing With the Stars” dancers Julianne Hough and Lacey Schwimmer, “Biggest Loser” fitness trainer Jillian Michaels, actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Susan Sarandon, singer Deborah Harry, model Tyra Banks, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Read about more high-profile women with endometriosis.

Where can I get that angry uterus?

Dontcha just love that surly pink uterus? The artist, Joy, sells them on Etsy. Also, be sure to check out her website, where she blogs about all things crocheted.


The Silent Epidemic, by Sanjukta Sharma, reporter at live mint and The Wall Street Journal

The struggle of living with endometriosis, by Shawn Conner, The Vancouver Sun